Crystal Cross Bottles, for collecting

Welcome to Croix de Crystal.
What is more beautiful than a room full of Crystal Cross Bottles? The way the light hits and reflects off the crystals is magic. They make a room become extraordinary. The crystal, the patina of the silver and those beautiful vintage bottles, they look so old and mysterious & elegant. I never get tired of looking at them. You can move them anywhere in the house and all of a sudden the place where they are at just lights up and sparkles. Read a little on the history of where I found some of my favorite vintage bottles, some of the places I have collected crystal from. Enjoy the pictures of the crystal cross art. They are a feast for the eyes.Croix de crystal, romantic, beautiful pieces of art. Timeless, ever-changing with the light. To have one or a collection.
This site is dedicated to beauty.


Beautiful Vintage Art

A vintage pharmacy bottle, pale green, antique crystals, aurora borealis center stone, silver finished in a dark patina #111 SOLD

A beautiful treat for the eyes

Croix de Crystal Grouping/

Pale blue & white Crystal Cross Bottles